This is my first review but I couldn’t not do it. I feel a bit guilty about reviewing this the day after I got it and not reviewed The Mighty Boosh live yet so I’ll do that after…it looks like I like Russell Brand better when I don’t! Anyway…


This is about Russell Brand’s stand up so some naughty words do arise!

Russell Brand, live DVD cover

The big haired, loud, exaggerated, hilarious and really rather camp Russell Brand has arrived with his live DVD from a sold out tour at The Shepherd's Bush Empire in London last year.


I only just got round to buying it yesterday with a handy HMV gift-card I got for xmas and let me just say – it’s brilliant! I watched it at midnight earlier on, found it funny but not amazing; then I put it on before even leaving my room when I woke up this morn and found it much better!

 Russell Brand screen cap 1

Fact: things are better when you watch them again.

There’s plenty of impressions (including one of Clint Eastwood going, “oooo!”), newspaper bashing and a few references to his “dark sprite of malevolence” that reminds him of some of the embarrassing things he’s said just before he goes to sleep. 

Russell Brand screen cap 5

He starts off by talking about ‘cock-men’ or MEN! who are basically laddy lads and call one of their mates a “fuckin’ pooftah!” when they spot him in some "quite nice boots". Russell goes on about confronting them with, “oooo!” like the way your mum would get a neighbour’s attention. The 'embarrassing place' bears down on him again as they taunt him for going up to some automatic doors in France and wondering if it’s the exit or not.

He then talks about past drug experiences but adds humour to it, including part of him going, “Russell, where are the opiates?” “I’m afraid we can’t have any more opiates.” “Why?” “You nearly killed me, didn’t you?” “Oh, it was just a joke!” Accompanied with various swishes of the gold microphone lead that he requested and nearly trips over at the beginning.
Russell Brand screen cap 3

What’s Russell Brand without a mention of his ‘dinkle’ or sex creeping in there, though? It’s like Bubbaloo without the soft fruity centre that the corner shop used to do. ‘Owninism’ gets talked about first, a.k.a. self pleasure *wink wink, nudge nudge*. Apparently there are two different kinds of wanks: a ‘Carry On’ light-hearted wank and a serious wank.  He also tells an audience member to try sticking a finger up his arse in the wanking process, “You can’t go to your grave not knowing what it’s like!” - to discover your own ‘internal brown Narnia’. 

Russell Brand screen cap 2
Russell Brand screen cap 4
He then goes on about actual sex and admitting to uttering: “Fuck me good!” in an American accent during sex, which he regrets and his conscience is there to remind him before he sleeps yet again.

He gives the audience a few sex tips including: “If, during a wank, you start to DIE…maybe put the telly on. Don’t think, ‘No, I’ve committed to this wank now!’”

Then he talks about presenting the NME awards and having actual Bob Geldof call him a cunt on stage when Russell’s mum was watching! He goes on about not deserving it and having been nice throughout the whole evening, oh yeah, apart from when he introduced him beforehand as ‘Sir Bobby Gandalf’.

On to the newspapers and The Sun that’s like a friend to him, “…but do any of you have a friend that you sort…of fucking hate?!” 

Russell Brand screen cap 6
One newspaper prints a story about a paedophile living in a block of flats and about people being outraged by it. The headline read ‘Perv’s Eye View’, Russell explains that a ‘perv’ is such a soft word for a paedophile: “My mate’s coming round later, he’s a bit of a perv.” “Is he?” “Yeah yeah, he fucks children.” “What?!…I don’t think he’s welcome…” 

Other newspaper stories include him apparently going, “I’m a sexy wild-man!” at Tamara Bequith [?] and having sex with distant relatives – “I’ve not fucked anyone in my family, no matter where they live! Geography’s not really the issue!” That’s just 'ridicularse'! The other one is on about a girl called Cassie that Russell saw including him sulking over just some cat food and gobbing at people’s bums and going ‘citing!

He bids the audience a farewell with offering them, “actual genuine love” and bidding them a goodnight.


There’s a few special features that include an interview with him and Matt Morgan, a behind the scenes look at his BBC 6 Music Radio show he did and ‘Meet the Weatherclerks’ that has Russell and Matt dressed up as a lady and a bloke donning a 'tache with a puppet for a son.

Overall, a genius performance that really pulls you in and makes you feel part of it. ‘Citing, huh?

 Russell Brand screen cap 7
Top 5 favourite quotes from the DVD in no order [some were already mentioned in the main bit though]:

  1. “I’m sulking now but I want you to know this is just about the cat food; I’m not allowed this depression to bleed into other issues!”
  2. “Beppe is a fictional character from Eastenders about ten years ago…there is no Beppe!”
  3. *creepy voice and shuffling* "Could you ever love me?"
  4. “I’m not boogying anywhere. I do not boogy places. And the reason I do not boogy, is because me boogying somewhere looks like this this *does impression* - that is not a way I wish to travel.”
  5. "But to see your bag, to recognise your bag and then to just let it pass? That goes against everything the corousel game stands for! Not in my name! Ohhh no you bloody well don't!"