Okay, I've been without the internet for quite a while now so this blog has been un-used for almost two months! Shame on me, I shan't be giving myself a biscuit now even though I was quite hungry because this isn't on, I'll go without biscuity offerings and sleep with stomch grumblings all night I shall-- Sorry, recently listened to a Russell Brand podcast and he's got in me brain again, rummaging about like a small bluebottle he is, aw, it's a spectacle if you could see what he's doing right now...

Right, yes, this was only meant to be an 'I shall write more soon' thing but it went a bit funny in the middle...nevermind, I'll go now, I've probably got other things to do like sleep or read a booky wook or something so I'll be off, Hare Krish-- *flicks Russell Brand out of brain like a small piece of rice*

That's better, I were getting a bit carried away there!

I can actually hear his voice when I type...help.