It's been a while [like, just over a month?] since I've written anything for anybody, meaning the 'public' as it were, and I want to rectify this fact by starting again!

I've been working on R+J a lot, editting, adding things in I need to have in the finalised story that is gonna be set to be published, making character profiles, changing a lot, the whole shabang! I'm nearly done editting now and plan to start the proper story afresh at the very latest, the start of next week.

I think I've come to the conclusion that I do indeed want to change the name, not to hide the original story, but because I want to make the references to Romeo + Juliet more subtle. Plus, Noel's character was never really a lot like 'Romeo' anyway, he just had his lines in English class.

So, while I will be busy with that for a while, I don't mind doing a blog story too. I think they are easier than requests and I will only be doing requests when I'm more settled into writing my novel because then it's less of a distraction!

The blog story can be about aaaaanything you guys want, cause it's for you, after all.

I'll start when I've gathered enough ideas from you all, so look through the comments when a few start coming to see if you agree with any and to submit ideas yourself. It doesn't have to even be slash themed anymore, though I know you guys like that! Writing about Noel Fielding/Vince Noir and Julian Barratt/Howard Moon has been my forte for a while now!

So yeah, I won't do a poll like I sometimes do, I'll just look through the comments and start when I get enough, so I know how much in demand they are or not. :)

If you want it, get other people to submit requests too that might be interested in it!