The Other Side of the Fence

Julian doll

Julian: 16 years old. Sarcastic, loves music, hates being around people that cry, likes anime

Lexi doll

Lexi (Alexis): 16 years old. Mischievous, hates being called 'Alexis', has a sweet tooth, ace at guitar
Niles doll

Niles, Julian's best friend: 16 years old. An introvert, has slight OCD, plays bass, eats a lot

Blakey doll

Blakey, Julian's little sister: 9 years old. Loves fairies, loves Lexi, childish, strong-willed

Brianna doll

Brianna, Julian's ex: 16 years old. Loves animals, vegetarian, betrayed Julian, loves ice-cream

Created the girls from this site:

Created the boys from this site:

It was so much fun!

More characters to come including Elliot - Lexi's little brother, Sarah - Julian's friend, Stuart - Julian's 'friend'