Last night me and my friend went out, like I mentioned in the post about pizza (which was delish by the way!) and at the bar we settled on, an asian man was there.

Several times, I catch him looking at me and I looked back and smiled before shyly paying attention to my malibu and lemonade in front of me. I usually hate smiling at other guys because it makes them think I like them, but this guy wasn't actually bad looking, so I smiled at him for a fair while.

When I got drunk, I decided fuck it, I'd ask him to sit with us.

Me and my friend had already made some friends so there were a few of us at the table, it was such a sociable night, and not bad sociable like when guys we didn't like came onto us. Aside from this irish guy called 'DANNEH' who wouldn't stop trying to hold my hand.

Anyway, the asian guy tells us his name (Stuart), his age (30, which is ridiculous, he looks at least 5 years younger), and where he's originally from (Hong Kong), one of our 'friends' at the table went, "Hong Kong? ....1997," and he went, "Oh fuck off," and started laughing along with him. My history is rubbish so I had to have it explained to me....derp.

I decide that I'd play it cool and just talk to him as a friend, when both of us knew that the other had been staring and smiling at the other for about half an hour.

I don't like being too forward with people if both already know that something is there, the odd cheeky smile and brush of the leg is enough, yeah? Plus, I don't like being attached to a stranger's lips anymore, it's not really my thing; I just flirt.

My mate at this point was clearly also attracted to him. How could I tell? Her resting her head on his shoulder and getting close to him sort of hinted at it.

I can't say I'm surprised, as she too likes anime. I'm not trying to stereotype anime/japanese fans but we, because of this hobby, usually find asians attractive. Not all of them, well, I certainly don't, that'd be silly.

We both discussed me for a bit, and he was really impressed that I wanted to be a writer. He showed me something creative that he'd done - a drawing taken on his phone.

My mate asks what we're talking about, I tell her and she declares that she too wants to be an author (truth, by the way) and tries to get in on the conversation and also tells Stuart to show her the drawing on the phone.

At this point, all I wanted was a one-on-one conversation with the guy that I had so nicely invited over to sit with us who had been looking at me for half an hour. Not because I wanted to exclude my mate, but because I knew for a fact that she wanted him to pay attention to her.

I had become annoyed because she was, no exaggeration, drunkenly draping herself all over him, so I was a bit like, what the hell. We both were not dating him so he can do what he likes with anyone he likes but it's a bit rude, no?

She also tells me to stop hogging him and that he was hers.....what now?

Later on when she pops off to the loo, he asks me if I've ever been to Jamie's Italian restaurant, I say no, then he asks if I wanted to go sometime and I go, as a joke, "what, are you asking me on a date?" and he just laughed and said, "maybe."

By the end of the night, though, my friend has made out with him and keeps holding hands with him, so I get upset and because I had alcohol in my system, I get emotional.

She tells me a few times that I already like other people, hinting at the fact that I had people whereas she had no-one. Fair enough, but that doesn't mean I can't like anyone else or get upset if she comes onto a guy I was already interested in.

I should have grown a back-bone and announced to her, "Okay, he had been looking at me lots before I even invited him over, he asked me to dinner and he likes me, so stop ruining that," OR just ignored it and carried on with my life.

I'm someone that finds it hard to let things go so when a guy shows interest in me yet someone I know is all over him, I am determined to get him back because we were getting somewhere.

It's like driving somewhere you really want to go then someone collapses in the middle of the road in front of my car...I would become more determined to see if they're okay than I usually would as I wanted to be somewhere.

I should have at least gotten his number at some point, but, get this, I felt rude because I felt that he was now  backwards is that?

I should have though, when she wasn't there, so he could have at least followed through with his offer of dinner.

He lives in the same town though which isn't too large so I might see him again, who knows.

The guy that went "Hong Kong? ...1997" told me I should be looking after my mate and just let them get on with things, but it was hard to let go when he had been coming onto me, you see?

At the end, we're still going to be friends, not gonna let a stranger come between us, it'd be silly.

Was all of this a stupid thing to get worked up over or justified reaction? I don't even know myself, feel free to let me know!!